Once upon a time in 2010, there was a boy named Johnny who lived in New Orleans. He was 8 years old. One day, he
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was walking in the woods to find his rocket ship he lost. When he was walking, he heard a growl. It was the Burger King in zombie form. So Johnny ran, took his dog named Rover and got on the porch. His dad saw the King and told Johnny,''Run for the door, son!"'. The King tackled him down and he said ''I love you son!!'', before getting attacked by the King. The Burger King killed him and a
few blood stains were on his shirt. Johnny locked the porch door and the front door. He also set boobie traps for the King.

At 7.55, he went to bed. His Mom kissed him and told him goodnight. Then, he heard more growling from the attic. Johnny told his Mom. She checked, and the king was there again. This time, a knife was beneath his crouch. He scratched her and Johnny punched him in the nuts. The king fell on the floor. Johnny beat him up for 17 and a half minutes and threw him out the window. So Johnny went to bed, but he heard the growl again, 2 times. The king was at his window, scratching at his shut window. Johnny stabbed the king a few times with his knife. The king screeched and Johnny punched him, causing him to jump up in the sky and disappear for a long time.

Finally, the king was gone, and Johnny went to sleep. The King never came to his house again. But when Burger King fell down on the surface, he went to Burger King and rulled the place. He dressed up as a employee to trick people to come inside. He set three employees on fire. Three minutes later, The police came and aimed their guns at him. But the Burger King punched the 5 officers and stabbed them several times.

One day President Barack Obama this message: ''People of the United States, you must stay away from Burger King. A man who dressed up as the Burger King killed three employees and five officers last Saturday. All the Burger Kings have been closed until further notice.'' So everybody quit eating at Burger King and ate at McDonald's instead. Remember, The King will get you if you go to Burger King.