First of all, these aren't real scary or creepy (well kind of), they are just for entertainment purposes.

2. Have Gun, Will Travel Jr.Edit

Back in 1998, Have Gun, Will Travel fans were excited to hear a reboot of the original show was in progress. 3 months later, the pilot was made. Fans were disappointed, and for a good reason. It was called Have Gun, Will Travel Jr. The jr version of Paladin was a 8 year old kid. He held a BB gun in his pocket instead of Paladin's original gun in the show. He also had a 6 year old girl side kick named Maisy. The episode was really odd. It had Jr Paladin rocking in a rocking chair for 5 minutes for no apparent reason. Then, finally, Maisy told Paladin there was Indians attacking. Paladin Jr grabbed a BB gun and shot the Jr indians. The BB gun didn't hurt the indians that bad, It just made them fall off the horses. The indians crashed through the shed. Paladin grabbed a sword and fought the indians (Kinda strange). Then after the action (which lasted for 8 minutes) , Paladin went to bed. Then It played the rickroll music video at the end for a few more minutes. This was the reason fans hated this pilot, and because of this, It was never greenlit. Maybe in a few more years, It could be greenlit if they reboot it. Its gonna happen someday!

1. The Cowboy BoysEdit

In 2000, since the Have Gun, Will Travel Jr pilot didnt do so well, another company (unknown) attempted to make another Jr western. This had so much controversy cause of the violence and because it had to do with killing authorities. This time, it was teenage cowboys, so they had actual guns. They spent the day running from authorities and trying to recruit more members. The setting was back in late 1890's (you know there were still cowboys somewhere back then!). The first episode had the boys walking a field and talking for 3-4 minutes. Then the authorities came and two officers said ''Boys, your under arrest for killing a man in Western town!''One of the boys attempted to shoot one of the officers but he ducked, but The other one grabbed a knife and stabbed one of the boys in the neck. The officer was shot in the head by one of the boys. The slowly dying boy said ''Stay strong guys! Defend your selfs!'' Sadly, the boy died. The other boys went back to the fort and talked about the boy for about 4 minutes and then the episode ended.