Okay, so I just stumbled upon something big about President Obama and how he's hidden a dirty secret from the American people. I know you guys probably wouldn't believe me, but you have to. So you know Obamacare and how Americans hate it so much? Well Obama came up with something to teach them a lesson. Recently, he hired 10 scientists to help him build a portal for Obamacare. I tried to tell people, but they thought I was a idiot, and ignored me.

Obama laughing

So heres what happens. In a secret room at the white house, Obama places a guard in front of a portal and throws about 100 people with over 20 thousand dollars each day, and they are teleported back home when they put the bag of money on the ground. Then a government helicopter visits there each week and collects the money people gave for Obamacare. The Taliban, ISIS and Al-Quada wants to know more about it so they can destroy it. It is very important for them to destroy the portal so Obama will be sad. And those terrorist countries hate Obama's beliefs and thoughts about the world. Obama is a man of power and strength. Nobody can stop him unless a professional sniper killed him. I don't want that to happen, I mean I do not agree with Obama's beliefs, but that doesn't mean he needs to die. He does some great things for this country, like he sent his army to kill a terrorist named Osama Bin Laden who probably was trying to start plans for World War three.

So your probably asking, how on Earth would I know about this whole thing without the C.I.A. and the president himself knowing I was spying on a big conspiracy? Well I bought a agent costume from Party City last Halloween, and I used it to pretend like a C.I.A. agent and took a couple of pictures of the portal, but the police followed me to my house, thinking I was suspicious and raided it. They took the evidence away sadly and probably kept it away from the peeping eye. I am currently in prison writing this story. I don't know if Obama will ever reveal to the American people about the portal to Obamacare, but like I said, I tried to tell people, but they thought I was being stupid. Anyways, I hope there is a Mitt Romney care soon and Obamacare ends once and for all.