When i went to the woods i saw this plant that made my friends dare me to touch it. When i tried to touch it, it tried to bite me. Then, i grabbed a stick and hit it. It growled really loud, that the whole world heard it. It bit my leg and i said to my friends ''Goodbye!'' I fell down. Local police and news crew came to put the plant on the news. They said that scientists will study this Poisonous Plant and where it came from.

After school, i saw the plant in my Mom's shopping bag! I said Mom, thats that Poisonous plant on the news! Throw it away! No, honey. We need this plant. When Mom was watching tv, i went to throw the Plant away while it was sleeping. When i dropped the plant, it woke up and growled. I closed the closet door. I was scared of that plant, i wanted to research it.

After doing my homework, i researched it. But no answers were found. Then, i heard the news come on. It said the plant was a rare Dojinii Japanese Plant that Japanese people planted in woods in New Orleans, Texas, Atlanta Georgia, and Calhoun Georgia. I was sleeping when i heard a growl. I went to check and the plant was on top on me and was chewing my hair. I fell down the stairs and busted through the window. My mom saw me laying there and called 911. The only injuries i got was a busted head and a bruised arm. I hope that Plant will never come back ever again....