On Jan 1, 2000 an 8 year old boy named Will discovered a horrible sight on his computer. Will was playing Super Mario Bros on his computer. He completed level 1 when all of a sudden a picture of a very terrifying green underwater monster appeared on the screen. No one knows if it was a hyjacking on the computers website, or a paranormal thing. The website through, It was called It was shut down for unknown reasons on September 11, 2001 the same day of the World trade center attacks.

More of the storyEdit

The boys parents called a paranormal investigator to the scene, and he took a photograph of it. He had a heart attack due to the scariness of the photo. He said his last words before dying ''it was the scariest thing I've ever seen.'' He died 3 minutes later. Still, after he died, the picture was sent to the lab where he worked. They said it was a demonic creature.

Information about www.bradysgames.comEdit

It opened on December 31, 1999 a day before the boy saw the screamer. The website copied many Nintendo games and put it on their website like The Legend Of Zelda, Super Mario Bros and Donkey Kong but it was just a scam to put really really terrifying pictures on the games and scare people. This wasnt the case however, all they wanted to know about was where the location of the company was and how they found a picture of the creature.

The Old Building Location Edit

2 weeks after the incident, investigators finally found the websites old buliding. It was in Dawsonville, Georgia. They raided the place with as many police officers as they could, and the National Guard volunteered to help them. Soon as they went inside with fully loaded guns, a officer suddenly vanished. One officer fired and a second one fired. Soon, all the officers and soldiers began to fire. The demonic creature jumped out and bit a officers leg off. The officers ran off in terror. A scientist then stabbed the creature in the head. Then he brought it to the lab and the scientists did tests on the dead creature. DNA tests showed that it had a name. The Beebus Kon.