I recently went to a goodwill the other day. I found one of the dancing baby doll toys that the chinese made. Strangely, it looked like a hippy old man or something. But it was funny, cause it sang the Witch Doctor song I loved as a kid. It gave me nostalgic memories. So i bought it for 4 dollars, happily walking out of the store in glee. People were creeped out thinking I was gay for owning a baby doll. And others thought it was creepy by looking at it. After I got home, everything was going good until I heard a voice. Not like a baby voice, but a demonic voice. It was singing a devil worship song and dancing at the same time. One of the lyrics were: I am a demon of hell. It was horrible. So I grabbed a hammer and smashed it until the speaker finally popped out. The hand of the toy grabbed me and I was sucked inside the toy. It was dark, so I pulled out a flashlight. Suddenly, I saw satan himself. He pulled out a doll and said in a demonic voice Want one? I screamed and ran away. He pressed a button and a bunch of dolls fell out of the roof. I was able to get out in time, and I was teleported back home. The doll was gone, but the hat, glasses, and pipe were still there. I cryed in pain because my favorite toy was gone. So I bought a new one at a chinese man's shop for 10 dollars, and no problems occured. And it looks different. It looks like a army man. I have it right now beside me.