In 2015, The Cameron Show was cancelled by Rowdyruffboy120.The reason was because was tired and lazy of animating it with a crappy animation called Windows Paint and ended the show forever. But his anti fans made a live action bootleg lost episode called The Assassination Of Cameron.

The Episode Edit

The episode starts with Cameron making videos on his computer when all of sudden, a man with a black hoodie comes in and shoots the actor who is playing Cameron in the shoulder. The man says I can finally get my hands on the Warfare Puppetry doll now! He was talking about a dancing doll of the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. Cameron said You ain't getting my hands on this! The man got angry and shot him in the head. He grabbed the box and a knife went through his chest. It turned out Cameron hid the real one in the game room with him, and he made a hologram one to fool him. The ending showed a picture of Cameron and it said R.I.P. Cameron Ryder 2001-2013. But he didn't die in 2013, hes still alive. Some people assumed this was a photo-shopped image of a random person laying down drunk, but was edited to seem dead. This episode did not have the Cameron Ryder in the episode, and this was a fake episode. It was uploaded on the account ISuck2013 on December 31, 2014. Cameron did not know the episode existed til the beginingg of 2015.

Aftermath Edit

Cameron saw the episode on youtube and told the FBI and the FCC that this was a threat, and they needed to find the people responsible for it and arrest them. Two days later, the wise guys who did the bootleg episode finally gave up their trolling binge and turned themselves in. The men were Kevin Blair ( Fake Name Gree G.) and Steve Robertson (Fake Name Robert Staiton), and claimed they have the trolling madness for 6 years. They used fake names to create fake shows titled Greeny Phatom and Geo's World. Cameron sued the two men for 18,000 dollars. Apparently , Cameron had created episodes of Greeny Phatom and other stupid cartoons, but he quit doing it when he realized he was doing something very stupid.