In 1974, a young 13 year old boy named Eric Dover claimed he was being watched by a magical creature named

The Beebus Kon

"The Beebus Kon", and that he saw him standing in the corner in his room once. He drew a picture describing what he looked like.

Eric claims he saw The Beebus Kon as a cartoon on NBC. The show portayed the life of a magical creature named The Beebus Kon who usually sits on his throne doing nothing but being lazy and making retarted noises in every episode. Every episode lasted 2 minutes. He said the show looked like something from 20 years in the future, and that it looked like nothing that should have existed in the 1970's. People thought Eric was talking nonsense, and the news stopped writing stories about it. NBC said in 1976 that their brodcasting crew had never seen The Beebus Kon air on NBC, and that all they could see on that same channel that Eric watched was a blurry green box for 2 minutes.

Eric did not see The Beebus Kon for a good while, but in 1998, Eric went to chinatown in NYC, and saw boatloads of Beebus Kon products such as DVDS, Toys, Books, and posters being sold by a street vendor. Eric asked the man how much the products were, but the man threw a flashbang and jumped in the river behind his vendor table.

Eric tried to have a normal life without the Beebus Kon, but he failed and he kept seeing Beebus Kon products and advertising everywhere, and everytime he tried to ask someone what The Beebus Kon was, they didn't respond. Eric prayed to God that he could finally find out what The Beebus Kon really was.

Finally in 2014, Erics prayer was answered. A good friend of his hacked into the actual website and found evidence about the bizzare show.It was linked to Donald Trump, Nathan Deal and 12 government officials who would not look like they would have created such a thing. The show was only played on Eric's tv when he was at home, ane one of the creators went to NBC in 1974 and gave them all Miller Light so they could be drunk and not notice that the signal was being broken in to. The toys Eric saw in Chinatown were actually Buddha statues and Fortune Cats.The creators of the show put glasses on him to make him see Beebus Kon products in stores. The creators also sent a guy to break in his house and stand in the corner wearing a Beebus Kon costume, but he was never identified.

To this day, Eric has no idea why a bunch of famous people wanted him to be driven insane to think The Beebus Kon show really existed.