There have been alot of lost movie and tv shows outhere that were never released or ever shown again, like ''Big Bug Man'' staring Marlon Brando, and ''Electric Piper'' that aired on Nickelodeon for one time only.

But there is one cartoon out there that is very mysterious. Shen Bing Kids. 

The show is about the Shen Bing Kids, Sky and his friends fighting against the evil of justice. This show can only be described as ''Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z on LSD.'' The shows languages are Chinese and Japanese. 

The episodes are very rare, there are only about 5 or 6 clips of one of the episodes on YouTube. You might find them if you keep looking. There is only one video of it in English, which is a 8 minute clip from another episode. There is a video of the promo of it on the channel ABS -CBN in the Phillippines from 2007 or 2008.

There is only two pieces of merchindise from the show, which are the book series and mini figures from a Cici's Pizza gumball machine. However the mini figures may not be official because the machine says ''Zombie Chasers'' on it.

The rest of the shows episodes may be lost forever. However, there might be bootleg DVD's of the show in Chinatown or in Flea Markets. Only time will tell us.


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