Papa's Freezeria was a game on Cool Math. Well when the customers burned it to pieces, Papa decided to sell it
Wally dri

Wally's information card.

to one of the customers, Wally. He bought it for 500 dollars and added stuff in the Freezeria. But one night, Wally decided to spend the Night in the Freezeria since he didn't have enough money to get a Hotel. So he built a employees only bedroom. He shut his windows, and locked his door. He heard someone say It's too late. You can't hide or run. Wally jumped out of the Window. Papa busted through the window. The SS Louie police was parked around the freezeria. Officer, Papa Louie has gone mad! Wally said in a loud voice. Sorry, we can't do anything. The officer said. But at least can you shoot him? Papa was getting closer with a knife in his right hand. No, he is a buisness man. The officer said. Please? I'll own the Freezeria!' Wally said. 'Okay old man, i'll do it. So the officer jumped when the knife was thrown. He shot 4 times, but Papa jumped and bit the mans head off. Blood was everywhere, even the car. Wally needed help. So he locked himself in the door and one day, Alburto came to the Freezeria. 'Wally, i heard Papa killed a officer yesterday. 'Yeah. I was one of the victims that surivived. Said Wally. Then, Papa had Penny dead on his back shoulder. 'Spread the word, idiots. He had a big smile (like smile dog jpg) and had a knife. Alburto had a P90 Shot Gun and shot him 5 times and kicked him out of the window. So, Wally spreaded the word to 4 people. Papa said he had to spread the word to 12 people in 1 hour. Wally couldn't take it. So he flew in the airplane to go to U.S. He saw Papa and he pushed him off the plane. Wally fell in a near by Burger King. People were shocked to see a elder man dead. To this day, Wally will allways be remembered.