Summary (read first!)Edit

Sometimes, things that were never meant to be scary end up being scary anyways. This notion is universally familiar to anyone who was ever scared by a toy, book, cartoon or whatever as a child, and because of such frightening experiences at such a young age, these can be just as, if not scarier than, the latest blockbuster horror movie. This is what we like to call "Nightmare Fuel."

Below is a gallery depicting myriad examples of this frightening phenomena, but when submitting, remember:

  • Nightmare Fuel was NOT meant to be scary in the first place.
  • Nothing from any serious horror films or ghosts or paranormal pics or gore or anything like that, please.
  • If it is meant to be scary in the first place, it's automatically disqualified as Nightmare Fuel. Yes, this includes things that are meant to be creepy or scary in childrens and family cartoons, so no Chernoborg, gross close-up shots in Spongebob, the clowns in The Brave Little Toaster and such.
  • It's common to find material in ads, videos, animals, cartoons, shows, etc. which are innocent in nature.
  • No shopping images to make them more frightening; thats cheating. Genuine Nightmare Fuel is suppoed to be scary enough on its own.
  • As with other galleries, screamers do not belong here. Post any, and you will be banned. Animated GIFs are fine, but NO SCREAMERS.
  • And please, for the love of Nyarlathotep, NO MORE CLOWNS OR EASTER BUNNIES (unless they're especially horrific.)
Pedigree dentastix

A dog from a Pedigree Dog Food Commercial. The dog is cute, but that smile is just creepy as hell.