In 1990, Nickelodeon aired a ID titled Egg and Spoon. It was never disturbing at all until 2004. Some parents

Nickelodeon ID - Egg and Spoon

Nickelodeon ID - Egg and Spoon

complained the bump was very disturbing and scared kids at night. Kids even said in their dreams, the baby appeared and screamed at them. But then later that night the bump aired again, despite parent complaints. It was the same bumper, except it was very scary and disturbing.

The second airing of the Bumper was in 2004. Nickelodeon aired the bumper at 9:59 pm. The bump was same as the first airing. started with the egg turning into a monster and the spoon turning into a chicken. All of a sudden, a picture of a red demon baby with yellow eyes and a smile appeared on the screen and audio of people screaming could be heard. Demonic screams could be heard, then the bumper ended.

Evidence Edit

The FCC investigated the bump and found that a hacking took place at the networks frequency at 10:00 pm. They never found out who did it to this day, but they thought it was a hijacker with a powerful force.

There was a adult swim billboard with that baby image, but it is unknown if someone from the future added that Baby image in the commercial. The image was found out to be from Cartoon Network from 2000 and was thought by some Cartoon Network fans to be used for Halloween. Nickelodeon probably stole it and added it into this bump. No one knows.