Dead zone

I was watching Nickelodeon one night, getting tired of Littlest Petshop being on instead of My Little Pony on The Hub Network, so I turned the channel to Nickelodeon to find my favorite show on there, NFL Rush Zone! I was so happy it was on there, until I made a bad mistake. It said NFL Dead Zone on the channel guide. Since it was October, i thought it was a Halloween special, so I watched it anyways.

The EpisodeEdit

It begins with Ish packing up to leave the NFL Megacores. Marty says Whats up Ish? I want to join Sudden Death's side! Ish says. Marty says Are you crazy? The megacores gotta be protected! And your the leader! Suddenly, Ish says Screw you, Marty! You must die! He grabs a knife and stabs Marty in the chest. He falls to the ground and Ish punches him repeatedly. Ish then shoots Marty in the head. Sudden Death, the main villain of the show finds Ish and congrats him for killing Marty. I want to join your side and kill all the Rushers! Ish says in a demonic voice. Sudden Death says Good Good! Hahahahahahaha!!!! Suddenly, the gang goes to the Gillette Stadium, where the New England Patriots play when all of a sudden, Ish and Sudden Death comes and kills the Patriots rusher. Sudden Death sets the stadium on fire, killing the crowd. Ish says again in a demonic voice I knew this day would come!

I turned off the TV, and I had to tell you NFL fans about it.