Screenshot 2013-11-24 at 6.30.27 PM

What my computer looked like after I posted a CreepyPasta.

I logged into Facebook, but soon grew bored due to the fact that no one I wanted to talk to was online. I remember my friend telling me about a site the other day. He said lots of people got on it, and shared something called, 'Creepypastas'? Well, I decided to try it out. I went to the site, and the first thing I saw was a quite creepy quote at the top of the page.

As I continued to look into the site more, I encountered quite a few stories with the letters, WSDS printed at the top, so I read a few of them. They ranged from stories about Dating turning wrong, a Lost Spongebob episode, a creepy video game song that made my ears hurt, and something about a deranged man wanting his mother to hug him all the time, to things that I have heard about before, such as Jeff the Killer, Slenderman, The Rake...

I decided to make an account, and try this site out. I put in a username... 'Ep!c' and it asked for a email. So I used my current one that I never check. When I got all my information in, I was excited to get started...

But it said I had to check my email for confirmation first. I log into my email, and cannot find the message from Wikia. So I keep scrolling through my emails, until I found out that the email had been transferred to my Spam box.

I eventually figured things out, but when I posted my creepypasta, things turned horribly wrong….. my computer blue screened and  violently crashed. my computer went crazy, it was the worst bug I had ever seen. System restore didn't work, the entire computer had to be rebooted….

After that I destroyed the computer. If your still working on a creepypasta if your about to post it…..