Mr bossman

Mr Business was a cartoon\show about a boss that always treated his employee worse as each episode aired. One of his employees was named Snyder. He was lonely, and he never had any friends except his self. That's creepy, huh? The show only had 4 episodes aired on Adult Swim between August 31 2005 to September 21 2005 due to the episodes getting worse.

Episode 1- PilotEdit

This episode wasn't too bad, cause it focused on Snyder. He begins work and Mr. Business welcomes him with a smile. He said ''Get to work, buddy!'' In a happy mood.  Snyder began his work. He was typing a report about his life. He was really bored and he took a break to talk to Mr. Business. He asked him why there were only 3 employees besides him. ''Well Snyder, I put a sign on the door saying Help wanted, but no one else came.'' Mr. Business explained. Snyder knew there was something wrong. The rest of the episode lasted with Snyder's personal life. The episode ended.

Episode 2-Your Sleeping On The Job!Edit

In the next episode, Mr Business was mad cause Snyder was sleeping on his desk. He said ''One more incident, AND YOUR FIRED!'' So the rest of the episode was the same as the previous one, where Snyder's personal life is shown.

Episode 3-Your Late! Edit

This episode was kinda worse than episode 2, but not too bad. Snyder finally got a promotion, and the boss said they would have a party!  He went inside the party room, and there was a cutting room inside. Dead bodies were inside. Snyder threw up. He told Mr Business he needed to go home and take a nap. So he did, and the rest of the episode showed him doing normal day activities.

Episode 4-Your Fired!Edit

Last episode. This one was the worst from the rest. Snyder told the police that Mr. Business was a murderer and showed them pictures to prove it. So 4 police cars arrived and Snyder and the officers busted through the door of the office. A bullet hit one of the officers lungs. He collapsed and died. The officers started firing. They went inside the cutting room, and then, a grenade was thrown in the room. It exploded, and Snyder went out of the exit door. Mr Business grabbed 2 of the officers and killed them. The episode cut to Mr. Business saying this phrase SNYDER, YOUR FIRED!. The episode ended and after the credits, the Dawn is your enemy (extended version) came on. You heard the grinding of bones, screaming and slicing of flesh. Was it Mr. Business that killed the officers in the background of the bump? Was it him that hijacked into adult swims control room? No one knows.