One day there was a boy named Tyler. He was 12 years old. He was a fan of Liam Neeson's movies. One day, he found a magical ticket on the street that promised Your dreams will come true. Thinking it was a prank left by his friends, he tested it out at a movie theater which was playing Demons: 2 After 50 seconds of the movie went by, he was sucked into the movie.

Liam was in his car, shooting demons 1 by one with a priest inside holding the bible up. He was attacked by demons and fell out of the car. Then Tyler fell in the car. Liam said What are you doing here kid? You'll be killed! Tyler told him he didnt know how he got in the movie and liam said What movie? Then after the demon shooting, they went to a movie store. Tyler told him he was in a movie called Non-Stop then instead of Liam, it had Arnold Schwarzenegger as the star of the movie. Tyler slapped his face. Then, finally Satan came from hell, disguised as Jesus. Liam! Liam! Liam! I know you dont know the true god, but I just want to say this: Welcome to heaven! Then Liam grabbec a gun and shot Satan's human form in the head and he turned back to satan and fell to the floor. Satan came back alive and kicked Liam to a wall. Because he pushed his body too fast, he broke his arm. Satan kept on punching him until he passed out. He said God cant save you now! Then liam shot satan again and again, until he turned into many different human forms he had used to persuade people to do bad things such as the snake from the Adam and eve tale, and also he had pretended like somebody's boss to make them do a bad thing. Then, Liam finally ran to his car. Satan said ''You havent seen the last of me!!!'' Then Liam went to a church and finally Tyler fell out of the movie and went home. Then someone came out of the theater screen. A big tall man with leather boots, a cap, sun glasses, a pointy tail, and 2 horns.