Hello! Remember me, Armin from the last story? Well i have found out some more disurbing things from Kfee!

April 3, 2014Edit

Today, I walked outside and didnt see anything suspectious until 3 minutes later when I heard a demonic screech from the back of the house. There were a thousand screamers (some from the Controversial Kfee commercial) from outside my house. One said "You made our leader turn back into a human! Now prepare to die!" I found a cross from my bedroom and said "Go away you demons from hell!" Then, they shot a arrow in my arm. I grabbed my sniper gun and hid. Below my window, there is a hole. I began shooting them 1 by 1. There were a few more left. I told them Times! Can i talk to my friends for a few minutes and we can get this war started? My friends knocked at my door. They all knew about the demon army and invited the National Guard again. So we threw a few bombs and killed them.

April 4, 2014Edit

It is 11:55 in the morning. They haven"t died. Some are crawling up my window every night. Now gotta grab a gun!

April 5, 2014Edit

I finally got rid of that one!  Anyways, everything is back to normal. I have built a home for a local priest near my house so whenever demonic paranormal stuff comes my way, I know who to call!