I recently had a nightmare. The scariest nightmare i've ever had in my life. It was about ISIS, the Islamic State attacking my school. 

It starts with me eating my lunch and eating with my friend Carter. Then, I saw two men with AK-47's shooting the window near me and killing my friend beside me. They suddenly busted through the doors and they grabbed a student who fell, and beheaded him. People were running and screaming in terror. I called my Mom and she told

The notorious ISIS millitant group.

me to hide behind the school where the baseball team plays. Thats where I discovered their base. There were three trailers behind the dugout, each with the ISIS flag over the door. I glanced over behind one of the trailers and saw two ISIS militants pulling a hostage's head off. Blood was everywhere. I even saw the camera man filming laughing in glee. I gasped in shock, and that alerted a ISIS soldier behind the camera man, and he ran after me. I hid in a bush, and saw a man with a beret and a eyepatch come out of the trailer in front of the bush I was hiding in. It was the ISIS general. He saw a student near the football fieldhouse running. The general grabbed a sniper rifle and shot him. He then

The ISIS general from my dream.

grabbed a hostage which appeared to be the principal of my school in a orange jumpsuit.

The general was carrying a cross, five nails and a hammer. The general and the two militants went on their knees and did a prayer to Allah for 12 seconds. Then the general nailed the principals hands, two eyes and feet crossed together. He was screaming in unbearable pain. Then the dream changed into me visiting a antique store, where my Grandpa happened to own it. Then the dream ended once and for all.