Happy appy
Happy Appy was a show on Nick Jr in 1999. The show was banned cause of a 9\11 scene and violence and graphic scenes. The creator of the show, Forenzik went insane.


It was lunchtime (or 12:00 PM) in the studios, when he walked in. The tall, black-haired, lanky director of theshow, holding a rope. Everyone in the room wondered what was in the other end. Eventually, they saw what was on the other end; Blair Meyes, dragged by his legs. The employees didn't get to eat their food; Freddrick said "Okay, back to work!" in a booming voice. One of the employees ran up to him and said "Why now? Can't you let us eat our food?" and Freddrick replied "Fine. Eat your food, and then get back to work." very rudely, before going to the stage where they would film Happy's Vacation and Hurt Happy.

After lunchtime, the employees got into the soundset. They were told to do some filming tests before filming started, which was at 1:30 PM. Freddrick went to Blair, and removed the rope from him. He gave Freddrick a glare that could kill, and then ran off to practice his lines. The others got to work on some scenes that were quite difficult, like Happy in his van, and Happy helping a child. Finally, it was 1:30 PM. The employees who worked on the scenes themselves got ready, and Freddrick said "Action!". They filmed Happy driving his van, which was the first non-opening scene in Happy's Vacation.

Normally, the song that would be playing on the radio was the Happy Appy theme; the employees had agreed on it! However, Freddrick played something different; a country rendition of Hot n' Cold, which only played for the first 20 seconds of the episode. Unexpectedly, one of the people who worked there, Kevin Costo, lost his temper. He shouted to Freddrick "WHAT THE HECK DID YOU DO TO BLAIR?" when filming the scene where Happy heals children. Freddrick said "Cut" in a bland voice, before glaring at Kevin. Kevin said "Seriously, if you drag anyone into a public place by a rope...". Kevin didn't know what to say for a few seconds. Finally, he said "Look, that's just wrong. Just don't do that again, okay?". Freddrick then ignored him, and filmed the remaining scenes for Happy's Vacations.

It was 2002. Freddrick, bent on the verge of insanity, was finishing the last episode of Season 2 of Happy Appy. He had gone into hiding for three years; police had questioned him about the show, and was wanted for terrorism.