In August 2014, political cartoonist Bob Crowley decided to turn his politically incorrect cartoons into a short 4 minute adult cartoon for Adult Swim called The Adventures Of Obama. Only 2 episodes were produced, was never released on public television due to scary images, graphic violence and due to the cartoon mocking the president. But on

The adventures of obama

January 15, 2015, three guys from Australia discovered the episode CDs in a garbage bin with a note from Bob Crowley:

Please don't let anyone see my show, they will be very mad and Obama will kill me for sure! Destroy it, i'm telling you it is very disturbing indeed!

   -Bob Crowley

The guys were wondering why a American came to Australia and hid the CDs. Well they were about to find out why.

Obama weird

Episode 1- Obama And His Ireland Cousin Meebus

The episode begins with Obama walking around a house and saw a weird deformed boy named Meebus and a creepy Indian guy staring at them. Obama and the kid started talking gibberish for 3 minutes. Then, a creature with a very strange face came and sucked them inside his mouth. Obama and the weird kid fell inside and saw a picture which appeared to be a scary faced blond haired kid with a open mouth and which scared the living daylights out of the Australians. A voice was heard and it said spread the word. The episode ended with the regular Williams Street and Sony Pictures logo.

Episode 2- The Beebus Kon

The Beebus Kon
Scary boy photo

The final episode begins with Obama grabbing a gun out of his drawer. He goes to Meebus's house and shoots him 3 times. Then, a magical thing called the Beebus Kon comes and eats him, blood and guts can be seen on the ground. Obama then appeared in heaven, and he danced with Meebus and many other retarded looking people. Then, that same scary boy image popped up again, and a audio recording was heard. It sounded a lot like Satan himself. Die immortals, burn in my place forever! The screen turned to black and the boy in the picture was staring at the window. One of the guys shot him in the head and burned the body. So the boy was never identified or known to anyone in the world.

Obama himself never knew the show existed, Cartoon Network did however fire Bob Crowley for making a cartoon mocking the President and adding disturbing images in the episodes. Bob denied doing this, and he blamed it on the people from Cartoon Network for making it disturbing, and then framing him for it.