Over time, I have had such bizarre and terrifying dreams. Dreams I regret seeing. I've had dreams of falling off a balcony in the mall, a demon attacking me, and even a day when I was naked at school! But this dream was very

Call of duty

different from any other dreams. I had a dream about a episode of the Nostalgia Critic on YouTube. He said a guy on YouTube would not stop requesting him to review a movie called ''Call Of Duty Black Ops II: The Movie''. The critic said it was worse than the previous movies he's reviewed, such as ''Foodfight'' and ''The Garbage Pail Kids Movie''.

The movie started with these two kids going into a haunted house. It appears to be a old antique store that went out of business long ago. The kids walk up the stairs, not knowing what was going to happen next. Suddenly, a clown with a knife chases after them, and the kids fall down the stairs. It then switched to another scene where it showed a family on a barn milking a cow on its back. It then showed a little girl eating something. It appeared to be cow poop. She then hopped like she was some kind of bunny rabbit and continued to eat more poop. Then the family's cats ran to their neighbors house, but they were barking like dogs for some bizarre reason.

Then it shows a little boy and his family eating at Ruby Tuesday. They decide to take a selfie with food in their mouths. The little boy has a cheekful of mac and cheese in his mouth. Two seconds later, the newspaper fell on their table

Nostalgia critic

from the sky, and it read ''Family Violates Health Violations''. Then the movie ended, with the Nostalgia Critic holding a gun to his head. He said ''Why did you do this to me'', and then shot himself in the head. His suicide was actually shown on the video. Then I woke up very confused, asking myself ''What the hell did I just dream?''.